7 Reasons to use a Professional Agent when buying or selling your property

Many of us have asked the question whether to use the services of a Professional Property Agent or go it alone, but the real question is how much risk are you willing to expose yourself to and does the cost savings make it all worth it? Below are some issues worth considering:
  1. Your local agents knowledge and expertise is essential when it comes to ascertaining the current value of your home accurately.
  2. A professional estate agent will actively market your home.
  3. Your agent will negotiate the best possible sale price allowing for the current market conditions.
  4. If difficulties occur at any stage of the buying or selling process, they will advise you on the best course of action to get things moving again.
  5. A good estate agent will liaise up and down the chain of sales and with solicitors, making sure the sales process goes smoothly.
  6. The best estate agents will use all the modern marketing methods thus ensuring that properties have the greatest chance of reaching the widest possible audience.
  7. Despite the growing popularity of the internet, most of us still prefer to find their property locally by dealing with a real person.
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